cracked but not destroyed…….

Two weeks ago, on our way to the beach for a day, this pebble hit my windshield..and promptly cracked it.  What I said is not repeatable here but I sighed and made a mental note to have it repaired.  On the way home, my tire light came on and at that point, The Universe and I were having this conversation about what  possible lessons am I to gain from what seemed like a nuisance at best…

Boy, was I ever to find out….

This morning, I called the Insurance company and they promptly sent to my home, a technician to repair the diva-mobile. He fell in love with the car and we got to chatting about size, engine, torque etc and with my inquisitive self, I began asking him a series of questions.  Turns out he was in the Navy for twenty years and shared that I would be able to strike off something that was on my bucket List for years; getting into a fighter Jet in a few weeks..( another story for another day)

He then said I was beyond personable and asked what was my profession.  As I am telling him, tears welled up in his eyes and he said, ” I hardly ever tell anyone this story, but I feel the need to share with you”.  He was Married and divorced shortly thereafter because his then wife got on drugs and he could not deal with it.  While he was stationed in the midwest a few years later, he got a phone call that his step daughter was abandoned in Philadelphia at a Dunkin donuts near a transient train station.  She was all of six.  She was able to tell the police where her grandmother lived by using different stores they walked to and she ( Grandmother) in turn called him because she was not well and just disgusted by what her daughter had done.

He flew in, Scooped this little girl up, took her back to his station in the Midwest, stayed there for another two years until he could retire then move her back East so she would be stabilized and in the same School District until she graduated.  She has since gotten two degrees has a part in the “Smurf” movie and recently got married to a nice young man.  To say my mouth was opened in amazement, is an understatement… I was in total awe of him and asked two questions: Why did he take her knowing full well she was not his and could have ignored her and more importantly, How did he manage to raise her alone?

He replied that he was so heartbroken that a mother who gave birth could walk away like that and he felt in his heart he HAD to give this little girl a fighting chance at life.  He said all the women in the military  and family members helped him with  her hair, the teenage years  and hygiene but he has been her Dad and no one will take that away from him.  ” Parents” come in all shapes and sizes and you clearly do not have to give birth to form a lasting bond.

Broken glass became a  story I needed to hear…

Miracles come in the form of ordinary people, doing extraordinary things…

FYI…. He did a fantastic repair job on my windshield but the what he did for my heart was priceless..

enough said.


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  1. I agree with your son… Ppl will tell you everything lol… Touching story by the way

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