Children for sale….

I love my children, Lord knows I do, but let me say this;  I heard “mom!!” so many times this weekend, that I started to wonder what life would have been like without them. Seriously. No joke. One wanted to hang with friends but is on punishment until 2017 so he was in sulk land. Ask me if I cared.  The other child, wanted advice about everything from the ridiculous to the sublime and it got so bad that he walked into my room at one point, looked at my face and backed up slowly while smiling his silly face off…

I began to wonder if I truly was a good parent because they took my last nerve and worked it to death. literally.   I called my mother to complain and all I heard was her gasping for air through her laughter and  saying something along the lines of ” there is a God” .  The only solid advice I got from my delightful parent was, ” just live long enough and wish the same thing upon them with their own children as the revenge is so sweet”.  Then she hung up with nary a goodbye.  All of this and I have what many would consider well-behaved children. Is it me?

As we traversed throughout the weekend visiting family and friends, I was reminded that while we as parents want and often times expect near perfect replicas of ourselves, the reality is this; our children can and will make mistakes.  The objective is to not “wish” it away but to face them head on with  consequences and advice to help them advance into viable members of society who are balanced.

Parenting is all at once, a breathtaking, heartwarming, challenging, frustrating, heartbreaking, soul-stirring, life changing roller coaster ride and no matter what we are told about the kids growing up and leaving the nest, we stay in this role in some varying degree until the day we take our last breath.   So, as I encourage myself that this phase will pass, I also encourage you to keep moving forward as giving up and walking away physically or emotionally from your children, is not an option that should ever be on the table.  While I am on this subject, take the time to love another child who may not be as fortunate to be  born  into   a family that cares.. the blessing will be returned to you tenfold.

I guess I will keep my children after all….


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