Bubby, Ro, Eddie and “Him”

It is the worst kept secret on earth that I dislike hot humid days, so when my better half asked me to attend a surprise birthday party with him and and quietly said it was to be held in a backyard, I was having a moment in my head…but, in true diva fashion, I went armed with my bug spray, cool summer dress and a good attitude.

Am I ever glad we went….All of five minutes after our arrival, three gentlemen came to my table, looked at me and one said” yep, she’s a cutie, I think we should stop right here” and proceeded to pull up chairs with one of their wives while introducing themselves.

Bubby, Ro and “him” were friends of the Birthday boy Eddie and they were all around the tender ages of 84! They have been friends for over sixty five years and regaled us with wonderful stories about being in high school, who got in the most trouble, attending Cheney and Lincoln Universities where one became a Doctor, the other a Lawyer and the other, a Probation Officer. They grew through marriages, children, grandchildren and great grand kids all while making each other laugh every few seconds.

It was amazing to me as I had never seen friends that lasted that long so I asked what was the secret to their lasting friendships. Guess what they told me?

Laughter, understanding that they had families and would not always see each other and a determination to keep the bond strong throughout the years. Bubby bought a house in Jamaica and hosts his friends each year there, “him” wrote all their wills and took care of any court cases they may have and Roland the Probation Officer, kept them all on the right side of the law. They had such a dignity and regality about them that is hard to find these days and when I asked what happened to this younger generation, Bubby quipped, ” we are to be blamed because it is our children that are raising these brats” We were too busy making a better life and climbing social ladders to remind our kids of their history….They in turn, had very little to pass on and it has only gotten worse. Add to that he says, is this ” I got mine mentality” where no one sees about each other much unless there is a payoff attached.” Ro chimed in with ” well, at least we are well preserved, so maybe we can do something to reverse this before we roll out in our coffins”

I laughed until my sides tingled and completely forgot, I disliked heat…


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  1. Tried liking this but it wouldn’t let me! I have a few friendships like this. Unfortunately we’re spread across the country and don’t get to visit as often as we’d like. But we love each other and we are there for one another. I’ve learned over the last two years just who was truly in my corner and would probably be until the end and I can proclaim I am blessed! Thank you for your blog! I’m loving it.

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